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From an early age Beth Younger demonstrated an interest and innate talent in many areas of fine art, while growing up in a small town on the outskirts of South Boston, Virginia. After receiving several awards in high school, including the National Scholastic Arts Competition, she attended the Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Art where she earned a BFA in Communication Arts and Design. Her work is included in private collections in the U.S. and has been shown at the Virginia State Congressional Office on two occasions.

Beth’s increasing proficiency in several mediums, including drawing, pastel, oil and acrylic painting, as well as design, have provided a strong framework for her innovative artistic expression.

Her earlier series of paintings and pastels focus primarily on the figure in a style at first reminiscent of the Renaissance masters, using several layers to achieve luminosity. They reflect her stunning ability to capture realism, contrasts in light and shadow, and mood. In her inimitable style, she goes beyond merely capturing her subjects’ physical attributes and enshrouds them in a metaphysical timeless realm with sense of introspection, mystery and provocative symbolism.

Beth’s more recent paintings are inspired by her travels, most notably to National Harbor and New Orleans. In these works, she departs from classicism to unleash a more spontaneous and bold contemporary approach in response to her subject matter. Here, she emphasizes movement and contrast through the juxtaposition of dramatic spatial elements and architectural features. She adds texture, employs a heightened color palette, and introduces elements of abstraction. These works of art impart to the viewer a new way of observing familiar structures and forms and their relativity, while also capturing the characteristics of the specific locales.

The artist considers herself to be “a visual communicator at heart” using art as the voice of liberal freedom and expression. She states, “I work from background to foreground, from dark to light, working from the inside out. As I travel through this journey, I embrace the contrast, and welcome the struggle. Notions of perfection, imperfection and what is, are interwoven, giving birth to harmonious contrast.”


Beth was recently invited by Manhattan Arts International to join its curated program. Its director Renee Phillips states, “Beth Younger possesses extraordinary technical prowess and an acute sensitivity to her subjects. We look forward to watching her evolve and grow as a highly gifted and innovative artist.”
A painting from Beth Younger's travel collection was selected into the All Media June Show at Artworks Gallery, in Richmond, Virginia. The juror, Ann Chenoweth, states, “I chose Beth's work to be in the show because it stood out for several reasons: the colors were bright, the surface was interesting, and it had atmosphere and movement. I liked the swirling of colors- it had a lot of air and space. It seemed fully conceived and well-executed.”